How To Choose Your Basketball Shoes

The decision of which is the basketball shoes that we must choose is one of the most complexes that a player faces, professional or not. Nowadays it is very common to go to a specialized basketball store to buy some sneakers without having a clear set of basic premises, and when we are exposed to 30 different pairs we do not know what to do … and finally, we choose the shoes based on the design, colour, marketing, price but without being sure if that would be the most appropriate shoe for our foot or form of play.

We should choose a shoe that suits our feet, that is comfortable and safe and also that suits our game.

How to Choose Basketball Shoes

To choose the best possible shoes, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

What kind of player are you

The first thing is to think about what kind of player you areAre you base or pivot? Depending on which position you play, one type of shoe or another suits you. Are you fast or slow?

Today, outside players are fast, explosive, and usually choose a low ankle shoe that allows them to make direction changes without discomfort and whose ability to respond to movements is more aggressive.

The outside players less explosive as large eaves and heavy or even the fastest interiors, often stay with a sneaker half ankle because they are players who frequent the paint, where many feet together in a small space and we started at risk of a sprain when falling and stepping on an opponent or partner.

The inside players, they need a high ankle shoe. His game takes place under the hoop, and it is easy for a person of that size and weight, to twist an ankle if he falls and stomps on someone. Also, being the biggest players in the team usually need more cushioning.

Playing surface

What type of surface is it that you usually play on? Another of the fundamental factors for the good choice of basketball shoes is the surface on which they will play regularly.

It is normal for many teams to train on hard surfaces, cement or even asphalt and later, the games are developed on tracks covered with soft surface or parquet. In this case, we DO NOT recommend that the same shoes be used for training and matches, although obviously, not everyone can buy two pairs of shoes at the beginning of the season ..

What do we recommend then? Use the “old” basketball shoes to train and the “new” ones to play the games.

Normally, for outdoor surfaces, the soles have to be harder, with a larger drawing and more resistant.

Accessories – Comfort, reinforcements, friction

Another of our recommendations that we give you is to use basketball shoes with specific Basket socks, with reinforcements in the areas where there is greater friction. For years, specific basketball socks have been one of the most demanded accessories since most players have realized that using basketball socks provides greater comfort.

To also take into account

Finally, tell you that the aesthetics and colour of the shoes should be a secondary factor when choosing shoes to play basketball and is usually the determining factor in the election of the same which we consider an error.